I am an award-winning data science leader with board-certification in informatics and over 20 years experience in healthcare and health data tech. I am passionate about data-driven discovery with impact. I have led numerous enterprise-scale strategic efforts in data science and analytics. I furthered my education at UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business, with an executive certificate in Data Strategy, published the first systematic review of data science models vs. traditional tools predicting a consumer safety risk (with over 30 citations worldwide), and I received the 2019 UCSF Distinguished Dissertation Award.

I am currently serving as enterprise data science manager in the national health plan offices of one the largest health systems in the U.S.; strategic expertise: initiated and led two divisions through development of a 3-year strategic roadmap planning (SWOT, TOWS, RICE) and aligned strategy with business priorities and vision.

My team of data scientists excels at data-driven discovery and delivering business-critical insights on consumer behavior and experience; our work impacts critical strategic deliverables and informs C-level executives at the national level serving 12.6M members across eight U.S. markets.; our analytic capabiliities include development and validation of AI/ML algorithms, prediction of service demands, topic modeling, anomaly detection, consumer segmentation, NLP, and business intelligence services (dashboards and reports). Our projects are large-scale efforts enabled by a high-performance computing infrastructure with an integrated data lake.

Key interests and expertise: Data strategy, AI and machine learning applications, predictive modeling; innovation; business decision support; business strategy; team leadership; digital health and services; econometric evaluations; business case development; quantitative research.


“During my time as Dean at UCSF, Daniel was a rising star in the field of data science/big data, and I was so pleased to see his selection for Distinguished Dissertation Award.
Dr. Linnen is an exceptional contributor and solid programmer. He would be a great addition to any data science team.”

— David Vlahov, PhD

Professor at Yale University

Former Dean at UCSF

“I’ve worked with Dr. Linnen directly on different advanced analytics projects and I cannot recommend his character or capabilities highly enough!

He has technical skills that would be an asset to any team”

— Austin Powell

Principal Data Scientist at Los Angeles Children’s Health

“Daniel is a passionate data scientist and quantitative researcher. As his qualifying exam chair and dissertation committee member, Daniel impressed me with his desire to write his own statistical programs, his deep subject matter expertise in data science, and use of machine learning to optimize operations”

– Xiao Hu, PhD

Distinguished Professor at Duke University

Former faculty at UCSF Bakar Computational Health Sciences Institute